Hello guys !! Well i know that nobody gonna read this but...
HERE I AM !! I AM BACK after 2 years of disappear-ness 
from 'blog world'.
It's really awkward to write because it has been so long 
since the last time I write a post on my blog so
it's kinda cringe me a lil bit.
So yah I'm 18 now,already became a better version of myself and
I deleted some posts from the past that I don't like
because it shows how I did not hit the puberty yet
and the childishness of my post GOD so freaking hilarious.
I can't even finished reading some post that I wrote from the good
 'old time' cause ughhh my history of 'zaman jahiliah' was basically there 
and dang the second hand embarrassment you guyss.
So yah a quick update for the readers of my blog which
is no one,I'm actually gonna further my studies at Sarawak !!
Yeah I know jauhh gilaaa but at the same time I was very excited,
not gonna lie eventhough I know memang gila homesick nnti.
Alhamdulillah I got the course that I likeeee which is architecture :)
And syukur bcs I have the oppurtinity to study at UiTM Samarahan,Sarawak (IPTA)
(which means the budget to study low sikit lah kan) 
and I can't even thank enough to the person that accepted my
interview application which is held on March ( i think ) 
eventhough I did it very badly that I can't even think about it 
because of the embarrassment.Thank you hamba Allah,semoga
Allah merahmatimu.
And actually I'm thinking to tell you the story of my interview experience
during that day on my next post so yeah stay tuned...
So,I hope anybody who read this post will pray for my safety and my success
during my stay there in Borneo and semoga dapat habis belajar
dengan jayanya !!
And for those who doesn't know (I didn't know why I pretend that someone 
actually reading my blog so perasan) but anyway still want to cerita,
I was actually budak lepasan SPM but I terus pergi degree so kira
shortcut habis ah.Of course the struggle that will follows is very REAL too.
But I hope I can do it gracefully and hoping that I will be sane for
 the whole 4 years (seriously tak nak jadi gila sbb stress belajar).
And that's a wrap !! I hope you guys enjoy reading this post (pls enjoy gigih tulis ni)
and usha lah blog I,I buat comeback after 2 years tau ni and don't forget 
to follow me,thank you xoxo


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